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We’re probably only minutes away from Nvidia’s enormous announce: its own long-awaited next generation video cards. But you might well not need to wait to understand what they’ll be. At the beginning of Nvidia’s statement, PC component giant Newegg shown pictures and (dead) product links for its GeForce R TX 2080 and R TX 2080 Ti.

Nvidia’s response? Hold my beer. Because Nvidia’s own Polish site followed up it with a full collection of specs and images of three brand fresh Nvidia graphics cards, including the yet-to-be-confirmed R-TX 2070 Founder’s Edition.

Up date: Nvidia’s US website and preorders are actually live, verifying that the GeForce R TX 2080 and R TX 2080 Ti Founders Editions will send in late September for 99 and ,199, respectively, with a GeForce R-TX 2070 Founder’s Edition coming for 99 at an undisclosed time. 

We don’t have pre-order info yet because of its non-founder’s variants, but they’ll start at 99.


Checkout each of the pictures from our gallery here:

On the Gamescom 2018 stage, Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang started by saying that every leaked spec about these images cards so far has been wrong, also implied we’ll be very surprised — so take these images with a grain of salt only in case they’ve been planted by the business. But this seems far fetched, no? 

Nvidia didn’t immediately answer a request for comment.

Here’s the full Newegg advertisement:



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Up Date, 10:27 a.m. PT: With Nvidia Poland escape.

Up date, 10:36 a.m. PT: With Nvidia US pre-orders going live.

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