Want a headset that doesn’t make your head look twice as large?

Razer recently announced the Razer Ifrit, and it is a low-profile headset that combines inear headphones with a flexible condenser mic. Because of its small footprint, the Razer Ifrit is geared toward streamers who want to show off their face when recording. Nonetheless, it’s also an alternative for anyone who wants a headphone/microphone combo that doesn’t completely take over their face.

The lightweight gaming headset trend appears to be catching on among manufacturers. MadCatz showed off its very own tiny headset at CES, and there are a lot of others on Amazon (like that one and that one).


The Razer Ifrit comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, however, you can also join it through USB together with the Razer USB Audio Enhancer. This means that you are able to connect it to your PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation and many other devices.

The Ifrit can be found now on the Razer internet site . It costs 00/100/AU70. The Razer USB Audio Enhancer is contained with the Razer Ifrit, however, you might also buy it separately for 20 //20/AU5.


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