Nvidia’s GeForce R-TX 2080 and R-TX 2080 Ti GPUs to enter on the market in late September, but individuals are reporting that their graphics cards are crashing or dying.

Several posts on that the Nvidia GeForce forums report new R-TX 2080 Ti GPUs expiring or even running in to difficulties . People are sharing similar stories on Reddit, too.

Once it looks like the problems are more focused for the R-TX 2080 Ti, a few people have been reporting difficulties using their standard R-TX 2080 too.

Nvidia’s R-TX 2080 and R-TX 2080 Ti are on the list of fastest graphics chips on the industry . They can run PC games using sharp 4K resolution in a buttery-smooth 60fps. In addition they arrive with Nvidia’s ray tracing tech, which give games realistic illumination properties along with reflections. To show what this technician looks like in action, Nvidia recreated the moon landing using its R-TX GPUs.

Some people have reached out to Nvidia to get replacement GPUs, simply to receive yet another broken R-TX 2080 Ti.

Nvidia told publication Digital Trends that'[Nvidia is] working with users individually but we are not seeing any broader issues.’

Nvidia didn’t immediately answer a request for comment.

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