The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is giving you hands of a true human being on Halloween within an odd dystopian online game that sounds like an episode of Black Mirror

In the upcoming season 5 Mirror — which will be expected to debut Netflix in December —  an episode will include branching storylines that let the viewer pick the storyline

MIT investigators should be fans of their series because they’re intending to do exactly the same task this season. 

On Halloween, MIT is starting a crowdsourced online social experimentation where people can play a Choose Your Own Adventure match in realtime by controlling the moves of a true celebrity.

BeeMe is a interactive dystopian game where players control a celebrity to conquer evil artificial-intelligence method. Players will vote on various commands then the celebrity will move entirely predicated on the very well-known requests. 

‘The event will follow the story of an evil AI by the name of Zookd, who has accidentally been released online,’ MIT Media Lab member Niccolo Pescetelli told Business Insider on Oct. 20. ‘Internet users will have to coordinate at scale and collectively help the actor (also a character in the story) to defeat Zookd. If they fail, the consequences could be disastrous.’

The MIT project would like to’redefine the way in which we understand social interactions online and in real life; pushing crowdsourcing and collective intelligence to the extreme to see where it breaks down,’ as per a statement

The interactive Halloween endeavor stems in the MIT Media Lab’s Scalable Cooperation group, which analyzes the way that technology reshapes the notions behind human collaboration.

MIT has an creepy heritage of launch disturbing experimental endeavors during the Halloween season. 

Previously in 2016, The MIT Media Lab debuted its AI program named the Nightmare Machine, which transformed regular photos in to frightening pictures.

In 2017, a MIT researcher made AI applications (aptly nick named Shelley later Frankenstein author Mary Shelley) that wrote its own horror stories

The MIT event will be aired live on Oct. 31 Halloween night in 11 p.m. ET in

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