While Fortnightmares has been an enjoyable change of pace from Fortnite: Battle Royale since Halloween approached, it’s time for you to get back to playing with the match without even zombies chasing everybody else around. It is still possible to get your fix by playing the group Terror limited-time mode, but it’s no longer a requirement of each and every single game style.

Now that Fortnite goes back to normal, there is a glimmer of hope that the challenges this week would continue to keep the game interesting, however should they stay just like what had been discharged by data-miners, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

For those who haven’t finished last week’s challenges, take a look at our guide here.

Here are the week’s leaked challenges which — as always — are subject to change by Epic Games when they officially reveal them Thursday:


  • Search seven ammo boxes in a single game (0/7)
  • Deal Head-shot damage to competitions (0/500)
  • Period 1: Deal damage to competitions in a single game (0/300) – Hard

Battle Pass

  • Period 1: Destroy trees (0/50)
  • Skydive through floating bands, (0/20)
  • Period 1: Consume five apples (0/5) – Hard
  • Eliminate competitions in Pleasant Park (0/3) – Hard

The best way to hunt seven ammo boxes in a single match

This is difficult we’ve had before. On the surface, it appears simple enough, however I’ve had trouble finding seven ammo boxes in the past before the storm started closing in. Your absolute best bet here will be Drop-in to a location that is named and focus on it for a couple games until you receive it. 

The best way to deal Head-shot damage to opponents

If you love to use sniper rifles, you’re likely planning to fly through this challenge. However, if you’re bad with snipers, such as me, the ideal method to finish this is always to allow it to happen naturally over the duration of this week. 500 damage is much, however even if you’re not just a crack shooter, you’re bound to to get headshots at some of this moment.

The best way to do phase 1: Deal damage to competitions in a single match

This is pretty dull, but until we see what the other stages would be we can’t know what Epic is planning. The good thing is that this challenge and the person before it interact so if you are a fantastic sniper you’ve got the possibility to take out two birds with 1 rock.


The best way to do phase 1: Destroy trees

That one must be quite a placeholder because destroying trees just isn’t very fun and if you have to destroy 50 trees (as it says), that’s definitely going to take you chills. I hope this challenge will have a bit more to it Thursday and I’ll update this article with any variations.

The best way to Sky-dive through floating rings

We haven’t seen that the floating rings at awhile and they’re always an enjoyable challenge since you drop into games. The only real problem here is it’s near impossible to clean more than three rings at one drop, so it’s definitely going to take you several games to get all 20. 

The best way to do phase 1: Consume 5 oranges

Three staged quests in 1 week seems unlikely and also this one can be pretty boring (like destroying trees), therefore I’m guessing this can be a placeholder, however that I could be incorrect. It’d absolutely be hard as you can just eat up apples once you’re actually hurt. But if it sticks with a motif you’d probably move ahead into the mushrooms then particular, which may be easier to finish, but I still think this one will get the axe by Thursday.

The best way to remove competitions in Pleasant Park

This is pretty straightforward. You’re going to need to drop in to Pleasant Park, gear up, then proceed to the attack. When it may take you some games to accomplish that, you should try to get started with this one right away while everybody is falling into Pleasant Park to finish the challenge.

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