Every week, Fortnite: Battle Royale has a new list of seven challenges. All you complete gives you experience points you can put on your own Battle Walk to unlock rewards like emotes, dance motions, gliders, pick-axes and much more.

For the past several weeks, programmer Epic Games has given a list of weekly challenges that have one or two that take a good deal of extra job in the event you required to perform them on your own. Take the’Search where the Stone Heads are looking’ struggle to get a Battle Star from the week challenges, as an example. It required obtaining the map onto your own telephone, and determining where the heads were facing wrestling, subsequently drawing lines to find out where they all intersect. Or you hunted in Google like everybody, but you get where this is about.

This week, Epic let us off the hook making them only a little easier than normal. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still have to be good with a gun, do a little searching and watch out for opponents, however there’s nothing that’s going to prevent you on your tracks.

When you haven’t finished the challenges from week , they’re below . And here’s this week struggles:

Free Challenges

  • Position (0/10)
  • Search chests in Wailing Woods (0/7)
  • Shot-gun Eliminations (0/4) — Hard

Fight Pass Requires

  • Deal harm with a pickax to opponents (0/250)
  • Work with a Rift at different planetary locations (0/10)
  • Seek between three over Sized Chairs (0/1) — Hard
  • Period 1: remove an opponent at Greasy Grove (0/1) — Hard

How to set traps

Placing cubes is simple . But the tough part about it one is clearly finding 10 traps. You will probably be unable to complete it one game, which means you could be better off letting it happen naturally over the course of several games. Just be aware that whenever you find a snare, you need to probably set it instantly for it taken care of. Dive in to named locations (besides Tilted Towers because you can’t find traps if you’re dead) at which there’s a high concentration of loot for a better chance of locating traps.

How to hunt chests in Wailing Woods

This 1 will be tough because every one is going to be dropping in to Wailing Woods with the very same challenge in mind, so tread carefully. Your best bet will be dropping in to the maze at the middle of Wailing Woods because there tend to be chests at the fundamental construction and usually a few round the maze. If you learn that way too many men and women is there, then you may even search for traps that normally spawn across the perimeter near the parked RVs and picnic tables. Here’s a map of all known spawn locations such as chests:


How to get shotgun eliminations 

That one should be pretty easy because shotguns are often your best bet in close range conflicts, therefore it’s going to be wise to extract this gun while playing with any of those game modes. That is just one that you most likely don’t even need to focus on since you’ll likely have it simply by playing with naturally.

How to treat damage to opponents with a Pick-ax

This battle is interesting because pick ax battles usually only happen following you’ve touched down on the staircase when nobody owns any gear. It might be simpler to complete this challenge since it looks. Attempt to find this one from the way early Thursday while everybody has got the same challenge in your mind. Just head to Tilted Towers to your best chance of visiting others, and drop right where someone else is always to start swinging. It’s possible they’ll do exactly the same for your requirements to complete the challenge therefore it’s a win win situation. Doing this like this shouldn’t simply take too many games to find the 250 damage needed.

How to utilize rifts at different spawn locations

This challenge might be slightly bit more time-consuming because rift locations are always shifting. For the best outcome, drop in to the Paradise Palms desert area because that’s where most of the rifts in the spawn really are. They’re on the street, by the race trail , up high on hills, and sometimes right in the little city south of Paradise Palms. After a few games of focusing with this particular challenge, it shouldn’t be overly tough to find all of 10.

How to search between 3 oversize chairs

This isn’t too hard as triangulating at which the rock heads are facing, as I said on peak of this specific particular post. For those that are interested, the 3 chairs will be the toilet built to a high pedestal near Flush Factory, and the giant wooden seat to the west of Shifty Shafts, and also the seat made from shipping containers near the indoor soccer field. Both chairs are in fairly close proximity to each other from the southwest part of the map, but if you don’t wish to search round, you can just use this map to proceed directly to the Battle Star:


How to complete Stage 1: Eradicate an opponent at Greasy Grove

It’s a fantastic thing that Epic Games is ongoing with all the staged quests that they started a week. This makes it more of a struggle to follow every step of the pursuit, and also you don’t need to think as much about running in to players doing the very same challenge. For this one simply follow the directions and mind to Greasy Grove. Once you’ve eradicated a competition there, follow the direction to the second location in your own challenge sheet.

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