Fancy a hack on’n’ slash game such as Diablo 3 that’s put in a Disney’>Disney universe?

There’s only coming, but it’s a mobile game plus it’s only set to launch 2019 in Southeast Asia, for today.

Disney Epic Quest was declared Saturday in GameStart Asia that a Singapore-based gaming convention. The game is created by Singapore-based programmer goGame and is just a Free to Play title with cooperative play and player versus player game manners. 

The game will feature Disney and Pixar characters from films such as Wreck-it Ralph, The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean along with Big Hero 6, in Addition to famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald and Goofy. No word yet on if characters from Marvel can look.

You’ll be able to level up characters and utilize skills which can be based in their movie appearances. Gear will even reportedly play a significant part in design characters. 

The game will start in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese languages. Check back soon for gameplay beliefs.

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